Product Design, UI/UX Design, iOS Development
In collaboration with Matthew Lin, Phillip Chao, and Frank Chen
Winter 2017
UCLA Hack on the Hill 2, First Place

All the UCLA events in one app. Eve parses Facebook events, UCLA Engineering pages, UCLA Career Center, and UCLA Happenings page. The app integrates all the events you have subscribed and syncs with Facebook events rsvp status, and the events you are interested in.

Facebook was not originally created for events. As college students, our lives are centered around the clubs and activities around the campus or the city we live in. While Facebook can be extremely useful in connecting with friends, it is difficult for us to discover the events that are really relevant to us. Newsfeed contains a vast degree of information of our friends, photos, videos, news, stories, articles, advertisements. There are too much noise we have to filter through when all we want is to follow and discover events we want to see. Is there a better way to explore local events without the hassle of scrolling aimlessly on Facebook while not missing any important ones?

Research I
There're currently 1000+ clubs at UCLA. The School of Engineering alone has around 47 clubs registered under the department. Student organizations are an important aspect of on campus student life. Out of the people we interviewed at the Engineering school, everyone uses Facebook Events to discover events at least 4 times per quarter. People on average are involved with 2 clubs on campus. Students discover events either through the organizations they followed on Facebook, or from sharing of their friends' Newsfeed.

Research II
We then did a search on Facebook to see how many of the 47 clubs host events regularly on Facebook using Facebook's Graph API. It turns out that all 47/47 students clubs keep their social media presence on Facebook, either using Facebook Public Pages or Groups. The adoption rate of Facebook Event in this case is 100%!

Iterations I
The App started off with the name EventBox. I first brainstormed what tools I need to learn and what basic features the app has to be born using sticker notes. Then prototyped on Sketch, I designed the simple user flow and interaction by mirroring the Sketch file on my iPhone.

Iterations II

126 app downloads since launch
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