Instruction Set for Strangers
Ideas in Form
Daily Bruin Redesign - UCLA school newspaper
The Stack Redesign - data visualization blog
leaf.ui - daily UIs
あ! (a!) - an iOS app for Japanese beginners
iOS 9 Native Icons - vector icon assets

Design + Development
30 Days of Processing
Sound Of The City - data visualization of New York City's traffic speed
Invisible Cities - a svg animation
Amphibian Drone - a wireless drone that operates both in air and water
Eve ⇗ iOS - events for everyone
Bill-Util ⇗ iOS - a helper for all money utilities , collab with Matthew Lin
Sports Clinics - a wearable device for movement tracking
USGS Earthquakes - realtime earthquake notifier
Rams: Ten Principles Of Good Design - Visualization
button.css - CSS3 buttons
svg.html - HTML5 svg animations
iVote - an iOS app for sharing opinions through bluetooth
HKN Newsletter - a html5 responsive email newsletter

Open Source
Bellissima - useful resources for web & iOS developers and designers

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