Hi, I'm Zixuan Kevin Fan,

I’m a currently a first-year graduate student at Parsons MFA Design and Technology in New York. Graduated with EECS major at the University of California, Los Angeles. I love bringing joy to people through design, development and engineering. Fluent in Chinese, English and Italian, I’m pursuing my passion in learning other languages and providing a better user experience in the applications I build.

I’ve been working on both hardware and software projects in my undergraduate, and I self-taught web and iOS during my free time. Besides all the work I’ve shown on the home page, you can also check out my other work on the App Store and CodePen.

Currently I’m looking for internship roles as a product designer, UI/UX designer, developer.


Daily Bruin
Project Manager & Web Developer
2016.10 - 2017.6

UCLA Extension
Student Instructor
2016.3 - 2016.9

Web Developer
2015.4 - 2015.11

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